timothy william – song about a skrag (99 plays)

accidentally stayed up way too late recording a demo i’m loving the funky vibes i’ve been channeling lately

timothy william – walk around (49 plays)

i’m drunk and a bit high and i’m waiting for a damn load of washing at quarter to 11 on a monday so i decided to record a one take redo of a song i wrote about a girlfriend in like 2010/11 or something and honestly i forgot to relisten to it before posting this so we’ll see how i did in a second

timothy william – attention issues (30 plays)

a demo recording of a song i wrote a couple of months ago on the back steps of a friends apartment

if anyone is interested, i got over my fear of looking pretentious and made myself a facebook page for my music:


listen to this cover of a Smashing Pumpkins song i just did it’s pretty alright

Frazer¬†wanted me to record my cover of this song so i’ve gone and dun it

timothywilliam – damaged skull (10 plays)

i redid the mix of the song i put up the other day, the vocal harmonies at the start stand out better now

(109 plays)

a song i recorded last night with the help of my friend Liam called proboscidea and precipitation

super happy with this so everyone should listen to it

a demo of one of a bunch of new songs i’ve been working on, currently untitled

rushed thoughts on old feelings

so with a bit of fiddling i managed to recover the songs i lost from my harddrive crash, and i present to you an ep; rushed thoughts on old feelings